Academia canvass for synergy with the IT sector

The President of the Information Technology Academy, Professor A . Obiniyi have called for synergy between the academic sector and the Information technology industry in Nigeria.

The President made the call while making a public presentation on the Nigerian IT skills gap survey.
According to him, the provision of necessary IT skills for youth will go a long way in curbing the problem of unemployment, as well as boost the Nigerian economy.

Professor Obiniyi also reiterated that , in order to develop the local content capacity of IT professionals, continuous education programme must be put in place, while also seeking support from regulatory agencies to further strengthen the synergy process so as to reposition the economy of the country.

“It is imperative for the academia and the professionals in the IT industry to leverage on providing an effective method for skills development in the country .
“You will notice that there is a gap between the practicability of the students and the employability skills.
“We want to create a synergy between the training in tertiary institutions and what the employers need in the market ”

“Sometimes the student are not well exposed, and in some instance they do not prepare themselves for the challenges that is outside the school environment”
The professor also described Nigerian students as hardworking, but said they require conducive environment to operate optimally.

“We know that for an individual to be an IT expert ,there must be regular supply of electricity .The data must be effective ,and necessary manpower and infrastructure must be put in place ”

He also advised youths to be very resilient and determined to acquaint themselves with the necessary IT skills to develop the country.

“The youths should be able to use what they have ,to get what they want. They should not give room for any excuse .

While speaking Professor Tanko ishaya, director ICT University of Jos said there is need to review school’s curriculum to meet up with what is obtainable in the world today.

“We need to remind the academia and the professionals in the IT sector to improve the level of proficiency in the field .

“We have to constantly maintain high rappour so as to provide new innovations and be able to meet up with world best practices”

He further called on the top players in the information technology industry in Nigeria ,to fund research being undergone by students and academia so as to obtain meaningful result in the country .

The President and founder, Young Innovators of Nigeria ( YIN), Mr Abu Andrew, disclosed that based on the result of the survey conducted, there is a huge gap between the people in the rural area and the urban area, bringing about a disconnect in the society as statistics shows a 93% gap in IT skills.

“Most young people in the rural area do not have access to Internet and ICT facilities ,and this makes them not to be conversant with recent development in the world ”

“We need to broaden IT penetration, and begin to use ICT to support every sector of the economy from business,to agriculture ,and education”

He also charged all Nigerians to be strong developers of technology ,and judiciously tap into readily available resources to achieve development.

He said, “We have majored in the area of capacity development for startups, and have empowered youth to utilize the IT skills irrespective of the environment .

“We believe that IT is changing the way the world is tilting in every sector of the economy”

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